Xenia’s Legacy Village offers a full continuum of care

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By LANCE CRANMER                                            LCranmer@nationalchurchresidences.org

XENIA – Pat Acker’s phone rang sometime after 3 a.m. Her 89-year-old mother, Jeanette had fallen in her apartment and fractured her hip.

Jeanette Acker was taken to a Dayton-area hospital and the decision was made for her to immediately undergo surgery.

“The doctors said if they let it heal the way it was, she would be crippled and bed-bound the rest of her life,” Pat said. “Even though she is 89, they decided to go ahead and do the surgery. She has a pace-maker, so they weren’t sure if she would make it through. But she did OK.”

Jeanette stayed several days in the hospital, but eventually her doctors said it was important that she seek out a facility that could help her with the rehab process.

“I’ve been a social worker for 30 years and 16 of those were with hospice,” said Pat, who is also the author of the book, “The Dying Teach Us How to Live.” “I have been to most of the assisted living facilities and nursing homes in this area, from Cincinnati to the north of Dayton – everywhere. The one that I thought was the best that I wanted my mom to go to was Legacy Village.”

Opened in October 2014, Legacy Village is a National Church Residences’ facility in Xenia that specializes in short-term rehabilitation for those individuals in need of services after a brief hospital stay.

“I was a hospice worker working with patients in the facility,” Pat said. “The facility was very home-like. They have excellent care.”

Jeanette Acker entered Legacy Village barely able to stand. Twenty days later, when she checked out, she was walking on her own.

“She had physical therapy and occupational therapy. She was scared and she had a lot of pain initially,” said Pat. “They were very patient with her. A lot of that was helping her to have the confidence that she was going to get better in the future and it’s not going to be like this forever.”

At first, Jeanette began standing with a walker. Soon she began making daily trips to the dining room and back. Eventually, she no longer needed the walker at all.

“For only 20 days, for someone who is 89-year-old, to go from fractured hip to walking on her own, that’s wonderful,” Pat said.

Pat credits the individualized care provided at Legacy Village for her mother’s quick recovery.

“She got lots of attention and the staff were really good with helping her,” she said. “Everybody was very patient and kind. That meant a lot to me. I didn’t want to feel like I had to be there all the time to make sure everything was OK with her. They were very kind to me also and listened if I was concerned about something.”

“We have had about nine or 10 people recover and be able to return to their homes since we opened,” said Margery Jones, the Director of Admissions at Legacy Village. “We have a full continuum of care now including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled rehab. We’ve only gotten real positive feedback.”

Legacy Village’s skilled nursing center was designed for people over 65 who had hospital stays for knee or hip replacement, planned surgery, stroke or heart attack, or any patient who has recovered enough to leave the hospital, but is not quite ready to go home.

The center offers 24-hour care by licensed nurses, wound treatment, medication administration, IV therapy and physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Daily physical, occupational or speech therapies, and one-on-one individualized treatment plans by a dedicated care management team are features of the center.

The center has 15 private rehab suites for those patients in need of a short stay after a hospitalization. All private rooms have walk-in showers, free Wi-Fi, phones, a flat screen television, and cable connection. The facility also features restaurant-style dining services and a 1,500-square foot state-of-the-art therapy gym.

Legacy Village is located just minutes from downtown Xenia off State Route 68 on Wycliffe Road. For more info about National Church Residences Legacy Village, contact Jones at (937) 372-0359.

(Cranmer is the Media/Public Relations Specialist for National Church Residences. Share your story with him lcranmer@nationalchurchresidences.org)

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