Mother’s ‘Royal Treatment’ inspires holiday donation

Fuller 3a

Nurse Sondra Clancy (left) and Adult Day Manager Carey Dodrill (right) smile with Virginia Fuller at National Church Residences Chillicothe. In honor of the care they provide for her mother, Fuller’s daughter made a donation to the Center for Senior Health Foundation in the caregivers’ honor.

By LANCE CRANMER                                                                                 

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – Placing a loved one in a senior care facility can be a stressful decision. But having confidence that your family member is being loved and cared for can make that difficult time significantly easier.

Early last year, Virginia Fuller began coming to the Center for Senior Health at National Church Residences Chillicothe facility.

“She started with home care and hospice,” said Carey Dodrill, the Adult Day Manager at National Church Residences Chillicothe. “She’s had our therapy services. She’s benefitted from our outpatient therapy. She’s received a lot of care.”

Dodrill said that Fuller has told her more than once that she receives the “royal treatment” from her caregivers.

“We bus her to our assisted living building on a weekly basis to get her hair done in our beauty salon. And we do her nails,” Dodrill said. “If she asks for something, we try to figure it out.”

Dodrill said that since Fuller began coming to National Church Residences Chillicothe, the staff has seen a great improvement in her condition.

“She is able to walk with her walker now. She was able to be strengthened and could continue living at home,” she said. “We helped her maintain her independence.”

To Dodrill, caring for Fuller is a pleasure, and all in a day’s work.

To Fuller’s children, what the Chillicothe staff does for their mother is nothing short of special.

Just before Christmas, Fuller’s daughter, Leslee Miraldi, along with her husband David, contacted Dodrill about a “Thank You” gift for the people who take care of her mother.

Since health care providers at National Church Residences cannot accept direct gifts, the Miraldis instead donated $250 to the Center for Senior Health Foundation in the names of Dodrill, nurse Sondra Clancy, and the many other caregivers and drivers who help her mother on a daily basis.

“They have contributed significantly not only to my mother’s joy at this time in her life, but also to my peace of mind and that of my family,” said Leslee Miraldi. “I cannot tell you the difference that these people have made in our lives and that of our mother.”

Dodrill was understandably moved by the kind notion.

“It was really sweet,” she said. “They’re good-hearted people and they want what’s best for her.”

By making a donation to the foundation, the Miraldis will help make it possible for National Church Residences to continue to provide comprehensive day care services to physically and/or cognitively impaired adults, regardless of their ability to pay for services.

“We use foundation money to pay for days for the people who can’t afford them,” said Dodrill. “So they can receive the same benefits.”

Karen Steinbrook, the Executive Director at National Church Residences Chillicothe, said that clients benefit greatly from those who donate to the Center for Senior Health Foundation.

“We’ve had a lot of donations this year with people saying, ‘Don’t tell anybody, just take this,’” said Steinbrook. “Obviously we can’t, so our staff takes them and turns them in and they go to the foundation.

“This $250 donation could mean five days that someone else could come and receive care.”

Donations can be made to the Center for Senior Health Foundation, or one of the several foundations and services offered by National Church Residences at

(Cranmer is the Media/Public Relations Specialist for National Church Residences. Contact him at

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