Tell Your Story: Angie Rogers, Service Coordinator in Canon City, CO

This is a story of a service coordinator, Angie Rogers at Garden Park Villa in Canon City, CO going above and beyond the line of duty to help a resident reunite with family members.

One afternoon this summer, Gene, a resident, walked into Angie’s office at Garden Park Villa and asked her to help him get funding to replace his dentures. This was a relatively routine request for a service coordinator, and it wasn’t until Gene explained that he would be seeing his sister for the first time in 61 years that things got interesting.

With the completion of the 2010 national census, the 1940 and 1950 adoption records were released. This made it possible for siblings who were separated by adoption in these decades able to find each other through public record.

Through the power of social media, Gene’s biological sister, Shirley, reached out to him on Facebook. Gene and Shirley made plans to reconnect in Canon City that summer. Shirley and Gene were two of six displaced children in 1953. Shirley had been working on reconnecting the family since 2010.

After hearing this story Angie went to work applying for grants to get the funding for Gene’s dentures. Through three different non-profit agencies and a little luck, Gene was able to get his dentures replaced and Angie was lucky enough to be with Gene when he was reunited with his sister.

National Church Residences employs over 330+ service coordinators across the country within our affordable housing communities. Additionally, we provide service coordinators to over 70 organizations nationwide. Our coordinators link and refer clients to available resources, allowing them to age in place in their homes and enhance their quality of life.

This story was shared as part of the Tell Your Story campaign during the 2013 National Conference in Columbus, Ohio. It was also featured in the Canon City Daily Record newspaper.

We are pleased to continue sharing these stories. If you have a story to tell, send it to

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