The Endless Opportunities of our Center for Senior Health

If you’re a caregiver to an aging parent, you may have thought many times “this would be so much easier if I could just get a couple days off during the week.”

National Church Residences Center for Senior Health is just that, a place for mom and dad to go during the day where they receive all the skilled care of a nursing home environment with no overnight beds. It’s not a nursing home. It is adult day services.

We even offer transportation. A bus can be arranged to pick the client up in the morning and then drop them off in the afternoon. Some clients visit the Center as many as five days a week while others come for a several half-days or maybe just one day. It gives the caregivers time to live their lives, work and take care of personal responsibilities with the peace of mind knowing their loved one is taken care of.

As part of the National Church Residences continuum, clients receive total care while attending the Center.

  • Health Care: Nurse Practitioners, nurses and health administrators are on staff constantly to tend to clients medications or other special needs.
  • Rehabilitation: We offer physical, occupational, speech, art and music therapies, based on clients needs at the Centers.
  • Nutrition: With our clients’ specific diet needs in mind, regular meals and snacks are served.
  • Personal Care: We offer assistance with bathing and personal grooming routines if needed.
  • Counseling: Social workers are available resources for both clients and their caregivers. Whether you just need an ear to listen or an adviser, we can work with you and your loved one to determine any other community services you could benefit from.
  • Therapeutic Activities: We offer opportunities for participants to have times of self-expression with arts and crafts, adaptable sports, woodworking, discussion groups, outings, games, music, yoga and daily exercise. Your loved one won’t be watching soap operas in a recliner all day, but there is a active Young & the Restless club at our Center for Senior Health – Livingston.

So whether you want your loved one to stay a few hours a week or a few days a week, our Center for Senior Health, adult day services could really change your life as you have grown to know it since becoming a caregiver. The socialization alone has been a proven health benefit to all clients we see at the center. Therapy and medical benefits aside – at the very least, we have fun every day.

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