Leading the way, telling the story

For the first time, National Church Residences employees from our housing, health care and corporate attended the National Conference, Leading the Way. Eight-hundred employees from 28 states, Puerto Rico and every division of the organization gathered in Columbus for three days. “Leading The Way” featured conversation across the spectrum of the industry. Those in attendance heard from employees so passionate about their jobs they were willing to share their stories as part of the Tell Your Story campaign.

Tell Your Story is a company-wide opportunity for employees to share their experiences in their jobs that live our core values. As a reader, you will have the opportunity to read some of these stories. The sharing did not end with the conference. Our employees will keep telling, while we will continue to share. That is why you’ll notice the name change at the top to “Tell Your Story.”

Below is a story from Bertha Goulart, a property manager in Elizabeth, N.J. about experience during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy left Alexian Manor without electricity. The service coordinator, manager and maintenance tech went to the building after the storm passed to check on the residents door-to-door. The generator was not working properly so we made sure residents knew they would be without electricity and prepared them so they were ready if we had to evacuate.

Bertha Goulart and Antonio Rodriguez preparing soup for residents of Alexian Manor in Elizabeth, NJ.

Bertha Goulart and Antonio Rodriguez preparing soup for residents of Alexian Manor in Elizabeth, NJ.

There was no electricity in the town over the next three days. We went to the building to determine how we could help our residents. We worked long hours as we assessed the building and ensured that the residents were in a safe environment.

On the first day, we collected food from the residents to be able to provide meals. Water, ice and coffee were also available for residents. When the staff regained electricity in their own homes, they cooked meals for the residents and brought the food to the property. Meals were served in the community room, which allowed the residents to play games and talk with one another. Residents were served at least two meals each day. If residents did not want to come to the community room, meals were delivered to them. Our team carried meals up and down eight flights of stairs.

After three days in the dark with cool nights, the electricity came on! That evening we had one last dinner to thank everyone and God for surviving the storm and making the best out of the situation. Due to the great collaboration of the staff at Alexian Manor, all residents were safe.

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