Debunking Hospice

Hospice is by far one of the most misunderstood phrases in the health care industry. People have lots of misconceptions about what hospice is, where it is and many other aspects of this very powerful, yet simple service.

These are some common myths about hospice:

  • Hospice is a place.
  • Hospice is only for people with cancer.
  • Hospice is only for rich people.
  • Hospice is admitting the family and doctors have lost all hope.

Here are the facts:

  • Hospice is not a place; it’s a service. A service that can provided pretty much anywhere the client needs it to be. Sometimes it is at a hospital. Sometimes it’s at a nursing home. Sometimes it is at the client’s own home or a family member’s home. There is nowhere someone goes for hospice, it comes to you.
  • More than half of all hospice patients across the country have some other disease or condition than cancer … more commonly diseases like Alzheimer’s and emphysema are being seen regularly by hospice.
  • Hospice is a Medicare entitlement. There are usually no out-of-pocket costs for those 65 and older.
  • One way to look at the end of life is to live it, to full capacity. That’s what hospice does to provide for their clients. A comfortable, holistic approach to disease management. There is no need to suffer needlessly.

National Church Residences Home & Community Services has divisions in Central, Northern and Southern Ohio. It connects people to services and programs that help them remain in their homes as they face aging or health challenges by offering support through services like hospice and many others. Visit and click on Health Care for more information.

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